Tuesday, July 22, 2008

While atheism is fastest growing in the West, it is declining in South Asia


While majority of Europe is conclusively turning into atheism, and in USA, atheists are increasing in number ( 8 to 12% from 1986 to 2005), in South Asia we are still in the grip of religious illusion of Islam and Hinduism.

Here is the tally of atheists population.

Sweden 86%
Japan 56%
France 54%
UK 44%
In USA, it is at 12% now from 8% in 1987

Question is why in South Asia we are falling back while West is moving forward?

Couple of hypothesis we need to analyze-

(1) Poverty-lack of education
(2) Stronger heritage of spiritualism
(3) State patronage
(4) Stronger existence of family structure
(5) Fall of communism as savior of oppressed mass
(6) Conservative response to women liberation movement in the West--fear of losing battle over women womb.
(7) Cultural heritage is religious heritage---because of mass illiteracy, secular literature /culture is still alien to the poor South Asians.
(8) Media patronage of religion.

Did I miss any?