Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Raising a father"- Incredible biographical novel of Arjun Sen

 My son handed me the book once it arrived via UPS. He chuckled "Dad, are you reading this?" - I guess for the lack of a better narrative, he wanted to drop me a message - Are you the same dad who is reading this book?

 Implication is simple. For last couple of months, I have failed to take him to swimming and soccer regularly and he is also missing his bed time stories with me which used to span across all the amazing development in the scientific world. I have given him an excuse- a professional one. I was too busy or showed him hope, I would take him to swimming next day.  Finally my son came to realization, dad does not have much time for him.

 When I started reading the book- Raising a father, I realized,  author Arjun Sen started his journey from where I am today.  But he asked himself the fundamental question-what is the definition of success?  What does that success mean if achieved at the sacrifice of time with our kids? How much is that worth?

  So Arjun started his journey with a new realization of success and the story unfolds more interesting and thrilling twists than any novel. He and his daughter Raka chartered a territory of surrealist dreamland in their own company "Zen Mango" and there begins a journey more thrilling and enticing than magic realism. It's the narrative of a father as seen by his daughter and the way the little girl transformed her dad's life and realization upside down.

   There can not be and should not be a life without purpose and realization.  Arjun's book will kindle the hope and realization among millions of dads like me who are otherwise forced to believe the rules of competitive survival are more real than our own sweet time with our kids.

 Every corporate dad should read this book at least to realize how they are missing a life which can offer a lot more rewarding treasure hunt. The book is available in Amazon/Kindle and in almost all the online book stores ( Click on this link to get all the buying  URL ) .