Saturday, June 4, 2011

Police action against Baba Ramdev's supporters is a national shame for a democratic nation

I am not a big fan of Baba-but that does not mean, I do not support Baba's movement against corruption. One can smell political motivation, a stooge campaign but having said and heard all, any attempt to curb corruption must be supported irrespective of political colors.

What Delhi police did in Ramalila Moidan in the middle of the night, would have even ashamed the British Police during Raj. Ramadev and his supporters were excercising their democratic right in non-violent manner. Satyagraha is the most proud invention of Indian democracy. Civil liberty activists all over the world look to India for its unique non-violent protest movement of Satyagraha.

But Mr Prime Minister sent a wrong signal to the people of India who want to end corruption in India which is ranked as the 5th most corrupt nation in the world. Even if Raja or Kanamajhi is in Jail, there are thousands of corrupt Rajas roaming free and stashing their wealth in Swiss Bank which otherwise would have been used as investment in India. We understand there are a lot of leaders of India who would be in trouble if Swiss accounts are exposed, but so what? Indians do not have much respect for political leaders or IAS officers who are the helm of corruption and they want them to bring to justice.

And that justice must be served by action and not by verbal promise. Releasing lethal police force is no solution for a rising mass who want justice against corrupt leaders.