Sunday, December 26, 2010

Verdict on Dr Binayak Sen : An insult to Indian democracy

I didn't feel like writing this blog. But today when I see Twitter and Facebook are overflowing with zealot BJP supporters who are cheering at the life imprisonment of Dr Binayak Sen, I am left with no choice but to expose these groups of BJP netizens most of whom are half literate and a potential danger to Indian democracy.

First, take a look at most of the Twitter feeds on Dr Binayak Sen-it seems BJP netizens are convinced

1. He is a communist
2. He acted against the state
3. Therefore justice is served

Wonderful. They even didn't bother to look at his biography, what is his life and philosophy etc. I don't expect that level of literacy from either left or right wing supporters but a simple googling skill would have told them he led a Gandhian life throughout his career. He professed nonviolence mode of resistance and led a life true to the spirit of Gandhi. A gold medalist from Velore CMC sacrificed his whole life to champion the cause of the tribal. He
won several awards and highest level of International recognition to take health care to the poor. He set an example and inspired many other doctors to work among the poors.

If you read or watch interviews by him, there can not be any doubt about the true Gandhian values he is practicing and professing. Even all the people close to him, testified his conviction to Gandhism and not to Maoisism.

Now comes to 2nd point. Did he act against the state? Here is the charge sheet by the court

Tell me in your sane mind, can anybody be convinced that any of the evidence presented here is enough to prove his guilt? His sedition? It is laughable -a mockery of Indian justice system as India's ex-attorney general had mildly put it.

I am worried about this fanatic growth of false sense of nationalism.

What is a nation my dear friends? Does it consist of poor tribal of India or numerous corporates who want to destroy forest to set up mines in Chhattisgarh?

After this verdict, can anybody will have any doubt who are behind this mockery of Judicial system? It is clearly vested interest groups who want to cleanse the tribal from the forest for mining.

So which India you people are talking about? As Swami Vivekananda once wrote-India lives in the villages, India lives among these people who are oppressed and exploited. There is no India without them. A nation is not an abstract concept.

Dr Binayak Sen is a true nationalist because he serves India and not these netizens of BJP whose illiteracy is serving corporate interest in Chhattisgarh.

Indian left and right wing supporters must learn, humanity is above the idealism. I was equally appalled by left wing supporters who supported Chinease action against Liu Xiaobo. Basically left and right wing politics are two sides of the same coin-which is illiteracy and insensitiveness for human cause.