Sunday, August 3, 2014

Israel -Gaza conflict : Which side you are supporting ?

Israel -Gaza conflict : Which side you are supporting ?
-Biplab Pal, 3rd August 

The most complex philosophical problem I have ever faced is this one! On one side, plight of people of Palestine is undeniable and on the other side, Israel has right to defend their own citizen. How can you take side except you may wish they should converge into table of negotiation ?

I tried to understand the logic of my friends from Israel on the issue of plight of the Palestinians. Some are sympathetic-most of them are not. They think people of Gaza deserve this treatment because they elected Hamas as their leader! They should have known whom they are voting for!! Upon digging a little deeper, I found it is easy to speak that way. People of Gaza voted for Hamas because they were fed-up with corruption in the rank and file of Fatah. Drug was killing the society. Hamas brought some sense of order needed in Gaza. People outweighed their evil ideology against practical utility. Can that be enough reason for punishment ?

On the other side- I tried to understand why Israel will be stripped of their right to defend. Or is Israel response disproportionate ?

I have my own ambivalence on this issue. Firstly, when you clean weeds, you clean it totally. Half done weed cleaning is of no use. In that respect, I see no reason why Israel will show any leniency in terrorist cleaning operation.

But there is other side of the story. Sun Tzu in art of war suggested no war is won by brute force. A true win happens without killing in battlefield. Frankly, I have failed to see any such strategy from Israel that solves this issue. Let's say Hamas is cleaned. So what? You have 80% population in Gaza unemployed! They are receiving donations, but it will be of no use till they have a way to do commerce.
Perhaps IT and BPO can be a solution to Gaza. Israel must be actively involved in creating a sustainable economy in Gaza without endangering its security. Disarm them. No issue. But plan to give them jobs. Israel must show at least this much of compassion to the people of Palestine so that they can get some employment. They should get respectable living.

Israel can't afford to have a state on their border where humanity is humiliated and unemployment is a triggering ground for breeding terrorism.

As an Indian American, my practical choice is simple. In both the countries, we have suffered at the hand of Islamic terrorism and Muslim radicals. So at no point of time, I can support Hamas which promotes radical ideology of Islam which is nothing but cancer of the civilization. But at the same time, I can not ignore what triggers such radicalism. It is easy to say, all blame to Islamic ideology but in true scientific spirit, religion is a product of social evolution. Theologically, Islam is no more or no less evil that other religions. Geopolitical situation, lack of democracy in Middle East is spreading religious radicalism. Hardworking workforce can't afford to be radical-survival makes them practical.

In my view, Israel must have to think for a long term solution. They have to think how these people can be involved in jobs, employment so that they can damn the radical ideology. Without jobs and hopes, Palestine youth will have only one option-fight against Israel.

Did you see Tibet rebel against Chinese occupation? They didn't simply because China created opportunity for them-for their work. So who in Tibet except for their exiled community in India bothers for the Tibetian freedom instead of jobs provided by Chinese economy ?

Likewise, I believe solution to this conflict lies in making Gaza a protectorate state of Israel at least for a decade where people of Gaza be given factories and business for their living from the state of Israel. They should live a dignified living, learn skills and be focused on their economy under Israeli occupation because under their own leadership this is not possible. However, this occupation should be for a limited time and when economy will improve, Israel can phase out their occupation of Gaza. At the end, people of Palestine deserve their own state and leaders-but perhaps, not under the present condition.

I know Arab and leftist world will make a lot of hue and cry-but who cares for tears of Dalai Lama when Tibetian people are better fed and financially more secured under China? Likewise, once living condition of people of Gaza will be improved, they will not call for desperate measure of throwing rocket.

Israel has nothing to worry. All the world powers are behind them. Arab states are also largely behind them because they are autocratic and need easy arm from Israel to be in power. So why should Israel bother if they occupy Gaza for a limited time and provide jobs/employment for the people of Palestine?