Monday, March 30, 2015

Murder of Washiqur Rahman

When we live in the "so called" first world, speak for first amendment, right to freedom of speech, we forget about another world on our planet where people can't criticize their tyrant rulers, oppressive religions and unacceptable condition of living. If they do, they are dead already!
Washiqur Rahman added me in Facebook almost two years back. I know he was vocal against Bangladesh Govt for its failure to curb religious fundamentalism. Yesterday, he was killed by two illiterate Madrassa students who admittedly didn't read his blogs. Those two Islamic students acted to "save" their religion as directed by their Madrassa teacher.
Washiqur was quite talented-specially he had a style of his own satire. In him we found a young writer who could see the social injustice and oppression coming from low-middle class background but instead of sulking at it, he could extract his best parody.
Bangladesh for a long time has been a fertile breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. I guess one should be happy that, it may be an issue confined in Bangladesh but as we know, they also have their free shelter in West Bengal.
However, not sure, it is just law and order issue. After Avijit was hacked to death, majority of Bangladeshi Muslims rejoiced in social media blaming him for his criticism of religion. Washiqur murder met no different reaction-it is extremely disappointing to see, a large section of Bangladeshi Muslims rejoiced his death as well in social media.
Murders may be criminal, but when you see a large section of Muslims are supporting it, you will immediately realize why Islamophobia is growing in the west.
Unless everyone of us realize, human beings are more valued than mythical religions and fictitious prophets, world will continue to remain a bitter place to live as politician will exploit this hatred and fanaticism to fuel more hatred and genocide.