Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anti-Americanism of Bengali intellectual

For time being, let's assume, invasion of Afganisthan and Iraq was US imperialism.

But then could anybody tell me, does there exist a single example in the history, when a country could transform into democracy from a bloodthirsty detector without intervention of a foreign power, directly or indirectly? Hitler & Mussolini had to be deposed by external power, and invaded (?) so as to call! From Stalin's Soviet to democratic Russia took 50 years for a peaceful gradual transition to democracy!

In Afghanistan, it was definitely for cleaning up Talibans, the breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. People who could smell a pipeline there, are definitely some brainwashed islamists and mentally off-balanced leftists. Then came Iraq, the most controversial one because Iraq has oil and US foreign policy has not been too kind for the countries who nationalized their oil resources. On the top of that, no WMD could be found in Iraq led to overwhelming suspicion that Iraq was invaded for oil.

Now that people of Iraq responded en mass in the concluding election is a direct proof that people of Iraq are determined to change their own destiny. If their elected Parliament supports for nationalization of oil, what would my leftist friends would say?
America invaded for oil but once democracy was established they were kicked out?

Question, then I would ask to my leftist friends: who paid for this democracy?
Who shed blood for establishing this democracy in Iraq and Afganisthan?

Answer is US and only US.

One might argue that US did so, so that their defense manufacturing companies like GD, Lockheed, Bechtel or Haliburton can profit from the war. May be it is true, but so what? Isn't it true that we are living a good life because of new discoveries like life saving drugs , cars, TV, Internets etc. all of which have been discovered by capitalist greed? The honest and truthful assessment of Iraq and Afghanistan would be the same- these two countries are seeing horizon of hope because of US capitalist greed. And when a person speaks against US capitalist greed, he or she is no better than a hypocrite ( or worst than a terrorist because terrorists are at least honest in stating that they are the enemy ) because he survives on medicine & equipments invented in USA, he communicates through telephone and Internet invented in USA and enjoys through sound/media equipments invented in USA! And guess what, behind his quality of life, only single factor that contributed is American capitalist greed. Socialist systems or other countries never invented any significant commercial discovery, that is worth talking about.

If you are enjoying its fruit, why then don't we admit it!

Well here comes the intellectual problem--Bengalis intellectuals are born hypocrit because they are trained by their hypocrite mentor who are half literate at best. Even if they never read Karl Marx except a few quotes by him, they would portray as if they have a PhD in Marxism! Most of them even don't know the difference between dialectic materialism and historical materialism, between Marxism and Leninism! Short cut way to be an intellectual icon of common mass in our society is to shed tears for the poverty and then blame it to American capitalism. You don't need to pursue logic and reason but to find an enemy, an wealthy one so that you address both hunger and jealousy of the common mass. And then finally promise them a free lunch of socialism that could not feed any society at any given time of the history.

And thus an intellectual leader among the Bengalis is born. Except for Tagore and Amartya Sen, in last one century we didn't get an intellectual whose contribution
in world history of intellectualism is worth mentioning.

And yet, we are proud, we the Bengalis are genius, the intellectual race.May be on a moribund shore of industrial wasteland in West Bengal and Islamic bomb industries in Bangladesh.

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