Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Analysis of Bihar Election: Are you hearing what Indians want?

Let put bullet items

1. People want good Governance-caste, communal politics, minority appeasement politics not working any more.

2. Failure of left to win even a single seat is clear indication, a party cry for helping the poor will not help to get the vote of the poors. They are also looking at what you deliver for them. You don't deliver them roti and sabjji and instead keep on speaking of bakvas of idealist equality, minimum wage etc. It will not work. They need to see what is coming to their home-that is bottomline.

3. Defeat of Sadhu Yadav, Ravri and Lalu is clear indication that Mafiaraaj is seeing its end. Populism will not work any more,

Add up your views please.

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