Monday, September 3, 2007

The essence of being born into this world

Every one of us is looking for happiness.

To some, freedom equals to happiness. Others may think dollar equals happy mode. To a woman of 30+, a successful date may mean happiness. However, for a moment, nobody understands that we are actually chasing following set of questions and not happiness.

-who am I?

-why am I born into this world?

-what is objective of this mortal life?

Well, religion has attempted to answer these questions as 'advertisement from God" and not scrutinizing social and biological science. If you ask above questions to any religious master of Abrahamic faith, you will be returned with following.

-You are the son of God

-You have been born into the world to serve the purpose of God

-Your aim in life is to attain and please God's will-..

These are not actually the answers-it is simply a bunch of bullshits to avoid a deep quest to understand our nature-human nature.

Just think, if instead of religious answers, I put forward our biological and social understanding:

-I am just a biological being like billion other biological beings in this planet or possibly in the universe

-I am born into the world to continue and improve the genetic code from my ancestors. Thus, I am a part of positive evolution of mankind.

-My mortal objective is to raise kids-work for the society so that they can live a secured and healthy life.

Irrespective of religions, every human being actually follows these biological definition as they have been programmed. But the world civilization has been hijacked by the bullshits of religious preaching and stupid lies of revelation from God or Allah. And our civilization is at danger-from the Islamists, from Zionists, from the Hinduists and from the Christian fundamentalists. In next blog we will analyze these questions further to understand our basic nature and reality around us.

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I-the dude from IITKGP said...

Great clarity of thought. But missing some crucial points. The new age talks by the scietific monkeys of today's worlds seems to be playing too strong in u'r mind.

I would personally suggest that you seek a true master. I have found some myself and they have done me good, though the word religion often appears in their discourses...I don't mind. I don't care if it's religion, or some nuclear hocus pocus or a two-stroke engine, as long as it frees me from the mire of delusions all humanity is hopelessly drowned in and brings lasting peace, illumination and happiness to me.