Saturday, September 8, 2007

Religion against social and biological model of human being

Ok. Now it is high time to explain how religions are failing to meet minimum social demands.

Just a couple of examples from different religions.

You must have noticed number of criminals among the Muslims far surpassed their percentage in Europe and India. Most of the Muslim criminals including famous actor Salman Khan thinks he is answerable only to Allah. Even a former atheist-- famous Bengali singer Suman Chottopadhyay ( now Suman Kabir) after adopting his new faith declared that he is only answerable to Allah when he was battered and convicted with the crime of beating his German wife in Calcutta. Most of the Islamic terrorists also think they are only answerable to Allah and they have no obligation to mortal society. Does not matter that his friends and relatives will die in a blast in Mumbai or London-the very city which has provided him a living. So what? Who cares for a living on the earth when Allah has promised a thousand time better living in heaven with virgins for his loyal soldiers. When I read Koran --Allah sounds more like a Dawood Ibrahim kind of Gangstar who promises a lot for his followers and death for the opponents.

Being socially responsible is essential for self organization of human beings. You must return whatever service you are getting from the society. You have been a responsible citizen because your parents, school teachers, professors, friends and writers have contributed in shaping 'you' immensely. And you return it being a responsible parent and social human being. Cycle of life goes on. No society can be built on the principles that its citizens are only responsible to God and not to the society.

In Hinduism, castism is perhaps the best example of how religion can render a very weak cohesion among its citizens. Let's say, I am a Bramhin and I am enjoying food from a farmer who is a Biashya and manual service from a servant who is invariably a Sudra. Both of them belong to lowest rank and file of the society according to Hinduism. Now, scientifically this means a gross disregard for functions of the society which are thousand time more essential than religious practice which is the occupation of the Brahmins. As a result, for a long time India has the weakest military power. Any Tom, Dick and Harry invaded India and subjugated its fertile land for centuries. Social crimes committed by Hindu religion stand largest and ugliest in the human history.

Now I will expose how religion has no relationship with human being as a biological existence. We all know that we live for raising our kids-biologically parenting is our supreme religion because that's how we ensure that human genes survive and make itself better through natural selection.

Look at religious practice in Islam: Hajj ( pilgrimage), 5 times prayers ( Namaz), Ramdan or fasting--how any of these stupid activity can help in parenting?

Also look at Hinduism-- Idol worshiping, concept of Maya & reality in Adaityabad, Kirtan etc.--How any of these meaningless activity and philosophy can help in raising a good kid?

Story remains same and sordid for Buddhism and Christianity.

What helps to raise the kids:

1) A society with excess of food production
2) A society with superior military/political justice system to give political stability
3) A society with good education systems
4) Honest social administration-kids will be honest only if they grow up in a honest society.

Human beings do not need a God or Allah--they need (1)-(4).

Muslims and Hindus migrated to USA and Europe, a land of Christianity because these countries have much better provision for (1)-(4). Had religion been a primary thing in their life, they would not have migrated to Christian land where he/she will be a minority. However most of the religious Hindus and Muslims in USA fail to understand this basic reality and they continue to practice their religion more enthusiastically in foreign land without realizing it brings nothing to parenting or well beings of kids for which they have migrated.

Unfortunately in the process of social evolution political systems that promised (1)-(4) in the name of God or Allah have been more successful irrespective of whether they have actually delivered it. These political systems enforced the fear of God/Allah in the minds of kids using state machinery.

Once the fear of God/Allah is installed in a kid's mind,99.9% times, he/she has to live with this fear throughout his/her life. Most of the Bengali intellectuals are born out of leftist families because in a God fearing society of Bengalis, leftists are exception and their children do not have to bear the burden of God-which is counter productive to the development of human intellect and rationality.

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